Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Mexico City Metro

I have not yet managed to find any images that represent this so i will have to use words to describe it. Currently i am travelling around Mexcio, and of course have been visually bombarded with latino advertising. Here adverts are either completely americanised (picture cheesy smiles and catch lines) or simply typography painstakingly painted onto bare walls (this means that each wall is different in its own way).

The most interesting piece that i saw was whilst sitting minding my own business, staring into the darkness on the Metro. Suddenly it was as if a cinematic screen had replaced the window, i was seeing a moving image. One set of images showed a car speeding along, and the other a woman drinking a bottle of coca-cola (or a similar drink).

The walls of the metro must have been covered with many posters all altering slightly in each one allowing the person to see a moving image (stop-frame animation basically). Does anyone know if this is used in any other metro´s and undergrounds around the world? I think that it is a really clever way of advertising but it was difficult to see what was being advertised.