Friday, 16 November 2007

Colour Identifier

This device detects about 100 colours and distinguishes sources, intensities and natural from artifical light. It speaks clearly at 3 volumes and has an earphone jack. This is an extremely useful product and would perhaps negate the use of the 'c' sytem mentioned earlier. However it si an extrememly pricey object and requires that it be carried around. I still believe that something like this, although i does make life easier for the blind, is still not tackling the problem of inclusivity. the general environment is not being changed to accomodate these people, the environment and society is ignoring the problem by presuming that all blind people want and need these. This is something that i need to think about when creating my own solution to the problem, do not exclude them more by givng them products that help them in our enviornment, but change the environment to suit their needs.

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