Friday, 11 April 2008

Flattening 3D - Felice Varini

Graphic designers are familiar with the conundrum of trying to convert the 2D space of posters, books, even web pages into the illusion of 3D. Varini does the opposite. He takes the already three-dimensional canvas of architecture and paints geometrical shapes on the exteriors to create a two-demensional layer. His exciting illusions make you question the realities of space and the use of architecture as a purely three-dimensional entity.

You could be forgiven for thinking these are actually shapes added onto the photos digitally. In fact Varini uses a meticulous process of lasers and projectors to display the shape onto the area to be painted. He then paints in the lines and shapes. The exact point of view can often be difficult to find, but Varini always projects the images from one or more points where the shape can be seen in its flawless entirety.

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