Friday, 11 April 2008

Hands on advertising

What an ingenious place to advertise. The mass-media generation are finding it harder and harder to come up with new and innovative ideas for advertising , this one i think hits the spot. Why not enhance the tedious task of climbing the escalator with advertising. The London Underground walls are littered with posters, so why no utilise the other 'dead spaces' around? Is small space would be perfect for brand recognition advertising. Perhaps the Nike tick or Sony Erricsson symbol on the way up to Oxford Street would entice people to those prospective shops. This was found in Japan, so come on britain, jump on it!

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aquaman said...

hi jen
ive been promoting the portfolio to uk marketters for six months, youll like aap rails and aap belt - supermarket food conveyors - you can see the aap rails in action at heathrow airport right now - regards andy - imagineer at work!